2 Weeks in The Philipenes

I thought i'd post my itinerary and how I got from a-b in case anyone is planning a trip to the Philippines themselves and would find it useful! Deciding how long to stay in each place and how to get to and from a location is usually the hardest part so I hope this helps (: I've included a total of how much everything cost but keep in mind we did not budget at all on this trip (other than for the flights) and it was peak season so we easily could have spent half as much as we did. 

  • 28th of June - Sydney to Manila with Cebu Airlines. 8.5 hour flight. $211
  • 28th of June - Overnight bus from Manila to Banaue. 10 hours. $15
  • 29th of June - Batad 
  • 30th of June - Overnight bus from Banaue to Manila. 10 hours. $15 
  • 1st of July - Manila to Palawan with Air Asia. $40 
  • 2nd of July - El Nido, Palawan 
  • 3rd of July - El Nido, Palawan 
  • 4th of July - El Nido, Palawan 
  • 5th of July - Palawan to Cebu via Manila with Air Asia $80
  • 6th of July - Cebu 
  • 7th of July - Cebu 
  • 8th of July - Cebu 
  • 9th of July - Cebu to Bali via Manila and Kuala Lumpa. $180

Overall Costs 


Sydney to Manila flight $211 

Overall expenses in Batad $73 

Manila to Palawan flight $40

Overall expenses in El Nido $194

Palawan to Cebu via Manila flight $60 

Overall Cebu expenses $107

Cebu to Bali flight $180


Total Cost for 2 weeks including 5 flights: $865