Byron Bay

Not sure whether I can quite justify this as a travel element of my blog but Its one of my favourite places so I may as well. I used to come here every Christmas with my family before we changed our annual holiday spot to Jervis Bay down south. My most recent trips have been with my boyfriend and my friends over the past couple of summers. 

Some of my favourite things to do 

  • The tea tree lakes in the middle of Tallows beach, it is quite a walk to get there, but I've never been anywhere else like it and swimming in the herbal, tea tree waters is super relaxing and fun. Your body disappears under neither the thickness of colour in the water. My hair felt silky for days afterwords.
  • You have to get breakfast at the top shop at least once. its super yummy and really fun to sit on the grass out the front and eat. don't come here in a rush though because every time I've been, there's been a line out the door. 
  • Another one of my favourites is getting Mexican food from the take away shop in the center of town and taking it for a picnic on the beach to watch the sunset. 
  • I love to do the lighthouse walk every morning because it has the prettiest views and is actually quite challenging and finish it with a swim at little Watergos (my favourite beach)
  • In my most recent trip I also went to this really cool Japanese café in federal a town 40 minutes out of Byron because it rained heavily for several days while we were there last December. It was a really quaint place and had the best food!

the quarry

The quarry (which I sadly think has been closed recenetly due to several deaths after people jumped off its cliff surroundings) was also another one of my favourite places. We spent the day on the jetty overlooking the lilypad water, swimming, drinking and eating lunch. It had an aswome vibe to it and was easy to get to from the byron industrial park (about a 5 minute walk down the highway)


 I also love the markets in this area from what I gathered Byron farmers markets are held on a Thursday from 8-11 and Bangalow general markets are held on the last Saturday of every month.