A rough guide to:

Central America

I only spent time in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala there are obviously many more places to visit in this continent however I did do research for all the destinations as I was unsure as to where i'd end up so the below tips are pretty all encompassing. 

Don't visit in September or October 

Buses and shuttles the whole way down, Don't really need to fly anywhere unless you're skipping countries. You can book your buses/shuttles at the bus stations and in your hostels dont worry about trying to organise anything online or before you arrive. 

Don't prebook tours or trips as the prices are far more competitive if you book them when you're there, plus then you keep your flexibility


I've never been anywhere where the backpacking route is so defined and the culture is so strong! You'll likely run into the same people all the time on your travels in this part of the world which is both good and bad. Its pretty easy to get caught up in the group mentality so if thats no you're thing just be aware of it so it doesn't happen to you. 

panama boat trip - horror stories  day of the dead in mexico city 


The cost of everything varies from place to place but as a general rule you can do this area of the world on a tight budget. Cook from the markets and eat street food, there are plenty of trendy cafes (which are still cheap by AUS standards but that are way more than you need to pay for food) so if you avoid that sort of consumption food should be really cheap. 


Not the safest place in the world