Further explorations of the Amalfi Coast

Furore is a small town on the Amalfi coast which is home to one of the most unique beaches i've seen. Make sure you go when the sun is highest in the sky in order to see the full effect of the aqua blue water here. The main Amalfi bus runs past roughly every half hour making it easy to get to from anywhere along the coast. Thats about it! Its a beach and its super beautiful... the photos below hardly do it justice. 

Valle Delle Ferriere

Amalfi is one of the last villages along the coast road and it also one of the most iconic. We went there for an afternoon to hike up into the mountains behind the town where we had read there were waterfalls and abandoned mills. The walk is called Valle Delle Ferriere and to get there, once in the center of Amalfi (outside the main church) follow the brown signs labeled Valle Delle Ferriere (they are really obvious). The scenery is beautiful as you are walking up into the mountains surrounded by lemon farms and abandoned watermills that are overrun with vines. The path follows a fast flowing river, that as you continue further up the mountain turns in to cascades of waterfalls, some of which are big and deep enough to swim under!! (although the water was freezing) The walk takes about an hour and half to reach the waterfalls and it is quite steep at times but the higher you climb the cooler it gets. It is by no means a difficult hike.