Driving South

Last summer, in a state of inescapable boredom me and Ebbs decided overnight to embark on our first road-trip ever. It was completely spontaneous which is why I think it was so good. We pulled every blanket and pillow off my bed and covered the back seats in them creating something that actually looked comfortable. And, without telling my parents (omg) we jumped in the car and drove. We didn't have any plans but instead headed south towards the southern highlands and Jervis Bay in search of a few nice spots to stop for a swim and a good place to park the car overnight. We ran out of petrol on the decline into Woolongong and as we were both young and didn't know much about cars I was certain we were going to break down and die. Luckily we made it to a petrol station at the bottom of the hill and spent $60 filling up the tank (the only real downside of trips like these is the amount of money you spend on petrol) 

We spent our afternoon driving through the southern highlands and decided to park the car on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. We ordered 2 pizzas and ate it sitting on the back of the car watching the sunset. It really couldn't have got much better. We actually slept surprisingly well and woke up the next day to do the same thing again! There isn't much else to say about this trip as it was pretty simple, but I've definitely decided road trips are one of my favourtie ways to see the world and I hope to embark on a fair few more, next time hopefully for 3 weeks instead of 3 days!