Monet's house & gardens

August, 2017

In the wake of a truly magical day gallivanting around Paris with my beautiful friends Soph and Ben, my day trip to Monet's house and gardens in Giverny had a lot to live up to and although it was a day of solitude, I loved every second of it. Arguably one of the most whimsical destinations in the world Monet's house is located a 20 minute drive out of Giverny in a small village on the banks of the Seine.  This day trip was surprisingly affordable by cutting a few corners (and walking a few extra kms). I caught the train from Paris Saint Lazzaire station to Giverny for 14 euros one way. It was a 45 minute journey and the train takes you to the main station which is about 20 minutes away from Monet's garden. Most people then get one of the bus transfers from the station however they were going to add another 20 euros to my day and considering I had nothing but time (and a great playlist) I decided to walk. The walk was long but beautiful, following a small path through shrubbery and willow trees along the edge of the Seine. I felt like the walk was extra special as I got even better acquainted with the area my favorite artist spent all his time and not just the places where all the tourists go! (plus I was saving money aha!). I had stopped off at the supermarket in Giverny to grab a few picnic items (fruit and croissants) before I left so I sat by the river under a tree and had a picnic lunch as well. 

I arrived at Monet's house at around 12pm. It was busy, but not outrageously so, especially considering it was peak season. Luckily I had my student card on me so I got a discounted entry of only 5 euros! Once inside I spent an hour or so siting on a bench in front of the main house reading my book and taking in the vibrant pinks and reds of the flowerbeds... I then spent a leisurely 2 or so hours walking around the grounds. There are many of his works hung inside his house as well... It was really one of the best 'attractions' I have ever been to. I left at around 3pm and walked back to the main train station. The walk took about an hour and a half and I was back on the train to Paris by 5pm!  The whole day cost be around 35 euros ($55) which while obviously not cheap was worth every penny!!! The bulk of the cost was obviously in the train tickets that were 28 euros in total... I couldn't find a cheaper way to get to Giverny but solving this would save you lots of money.